Meet our fitter Steve and read his recommendations on maintaining your door.

What is your role within Gemini?

I work within the fitting team.

How many years of experience do you have as a fitter?

I have been a fitter for 25 years.

What is your favourite style of door?

I really like the more modern style of door. The Seattle door is my personal favourite because of the stylish long patterned glass panel and long handle option. It is a real statement front door.

In your experience in fitting doors, what is the difference in Gemini doors compared to others on the market?

With 25 years of experience fitting doors, I have seen all makes and models. Gemini doors are strong, durable and by far the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly doors on the market.

Do you have any tips to maintain doors and windows after installation?

Gemini doors and windows are built for longevity, maximum design impact and of course, strength and security. They are designed for minimal upkeep however there are a few small things you can do to make your door look good and last for longer.

The frames and panels on your door can be easily cleaned with warm water mixed with washing up liquid or similar soap based solutions. Use a soft cloth or sponge and wipe gently. The last thing you want to use on your door is abrasive pads or solvents as this may result in scratches or damage the surface of your door.

The handles, locks and hinges of your door need to be kept clean and free of dirt as it can build up and effect the functionality of the door. These hardware pieces can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild soapy based solution. To maintain the smooth opening of the door, lightly oil or lubricate moving parts once or twice a year.

Glass again, can be easily cleaned with warm water and soapy water or your household brand glass cleaner. Again, never use abrasive pads or strong solvents to clean your glass as it can damage your glass. Glass can also be easily scratched so ensure you remove any watches or jewellery before you start to clean.

What was your favourite part of your job?

Installing windows or doors can take time but when my job is done and I can see a happy customer it’s definitely worth it. The best jobs are when people really needed fresh windows or doors. Taking out an old, draughty, broken front door and replacing it with a shiny new energy efficient door for a young family or elderly couple and knowing that it will make a huge difference to their security, heating and design of their home is the favourite part of my job.

If you are thinking of getting new windows or doors and would like a quote contact the Gemini branch on 01952 210 888 or click here.

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